Reema Bansal

Reema Bansal – Indian Painter Reema is a young talent that India is blessed with. Started her painting exploration from the age of 3, Reema Bansal …

nilima-sheik painter
Nilima Sheik

Nilima Sheik Rousing the minds of many people through her Baroda based paintings; Nilima Sheikh is a versatile painter who was deeply moved away by…

V. Anamika

V. Anamika Originally drawn toward a profession in architecture through her interest in space and the qualities of different materials, Anamika fou…

Amrita Shergil

Amrita Shergil One of the most talented painters ever to have graced the Indian soil, Amrita Shergil was an artist beyond compare. Though she lived…

Ketaki Pimpalkhare

Ketaki Pimpalkhare  Born in 1977, Pune, India.  2015 -Group Show at Le Hivernage Art Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco. -International Artist’s Res…

Arpita Singh

Arpita Singh  Arpita Singh is one of the few women artists in Delhi who do not make a virtue of ‘feminism’ as the only criterion for ar…

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